Kortfilmsdagen med Lund Fantastic Film Festival

20:30 – 22:00
Kino, Kyrkogatan 3, 222 22 Lund
Fri entré

It’s time for KORTFILMSDAGEN on Dec 21 – the international short film day! Lund Fantastic Film Festival has made a package of six new shorts and one winner of this year’s festival to be screened at the local cinema Kino at 20:30! Before and after the screening we will sell festival merch with special short film day offers – not least our brand new tote bag! Come down for a cozy time on the shortest day of the year!
It’s FREE but you still need a ticket to attend!


Sweden | Drama | 8 min | Director: Kim Sundbeck | Distributor: Denise Danger Productions
– A young and a middle-aged man meet at a bus stop. The older man claims to know that the bus is late, because he can see five minutes into the future. A discussion arises: Can we really have free will, if the future can be seen?

France | Comedy | 22 min | Director: Julien Josselin
– Struggling to overcome her anxiety, a girl keeps turning into objects as she tries to approach her crush.

France | Horror | 17 min | Directors: Pascal Bourelier, Stef Meyer
– Emma and Paul have just moved into an old suburban mansion. They barely have the time to move in that Paul has to travel away for work – Emma discovers a strange creature inside Paul’s office : a praying mantis. She’s both repulsed and fascinated by this unusual insect. Depressed and feeling isolated, Emma ends up identifying with this insect trapped inside its vivarium and a strange relationship develops between the woman and the animal.

Switzerland | Comedy, Horror | 11 min | Director: Arnaud Baur
– Nancy works in a small gas station shop. Disillusioned, not even the news of an apocalypse seems to worry her.

US | Drama, Thriller | 12 min | Director: Jean-Charles Andreu
– A paranoid young man wants to make his parents proud by studying in the US. While traveling, he is told his passport comes from a country that doesn’t exist. He must overcome his fears in order to convince them his home country is real.

UK | Comedy, horror | 11 min | Director: Ida Melum
– When a power cut ruins Ruby’s bedtime routine, she finds herself haunted by some unwanted guests. The only way for Ruby to get a peaceful night of sleep is to confront her visitors.

Portugal | Drama | 15 min | Director: Guilherme Branquinho
– Late at night, an overworked sales manager looks desperately for a parking spot. When he finds he’s not alone, things take a weird turn.