Kortfilm på Galleri CC

15:30 – 21:00
Båstadsgatan 4, Malmö
Fri entré

Den 17 – 21 december visar Galleri CC kortfilm. Helgen 17 – 19 december visas nedanstående filmer. Den 21 december – dagen då vintersolståndet inträffar, vändpunkten mellan mörker och ljus, tillika den årligt återkommande Kortfilmsdagen – tillkommer ett filmpaket för barn, mingel och livemusik.

Fredag 17 december: kl. 18:00 – 21:00
Lördag 18 december: kl. 13:00 – 17:00
Söndag 19 december kl. 13:00 – 17:00
Tisdag 21 december: kl. 15:30 – 21:00 –> Se program nedan

15:30 – 17:00 Vi visar ett av Folkets Bio sammanställt filmprogram för barn med knattefilmerna VEM ÄR VAR? (svenska undertexter) och UR EN KOS DAGBOK (svenska undertexter). Vi serverar varm/kall äppelmust och pepparkakor.

17:30 – 18:30 Mingel och livemusik med två malmöbaserade jazzmusiker: Fredrik Håkansson (SWE), trummor/slagverk Jon Lipscomb (USA), gitarr

18:30 – 21:00 Vi visar de utvalda filmerna från vårt open call. Eventuellt konstnärssamtal med en av konstnärerna/regissörerna.

Galleri CC är ett icke-kommersiellt konstnärsdrivet galleri och befinner sig alltid i ett tillstånd av föränderlighet där engagemanget i konstnärer och konst från hela världen hela tiden utgör grunden för vår verksamhet. Galleriet grundades 2003 och är beläget i bostadsområdet Östra Sorgenfri, Malmö. Sedan starten har Galleri CC varit värd för över 100 utställningar, evenemang och föreställningar med artister från hela världen.

Om filmerna från Open Call:

Alexis Rodríguez Cancino (COL) and silas bieri (CHE)
Documents silence and its disturbances. The silence that had been created by routines. Silence as repetition or absence of sound. In our perception of time, constancy and repetition are helping us to distinguish non relevant routines from the important moments that we remember. Breaking the silence defines time that is normally relative to us. restructuring the routines of society can be viewed as the disturbances that break out of the silent moment of the ongoing flow.

Clara J:son Borg (SWE | NL)
4k video, 27 min, sound
Cinematographer: Nuno Cassola
Sound: Kostadis Michail
Sound editing: Robert Kroos
Performers: Aris Papadopoulos, Christina Karagianni,
Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Aspasia Giannoulaki, Markella Ksilogiannopoulou, Christos Fousekis

A liaison to a life no longer ordered from above is a work and a project by the artist Clara J:son Borg that was co-created together with the artist and dancers Aris Papadopoulos, Christina Karagianni, Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Aspasia Giannoulaki, Markella Ksilogiannopoulou and Christos Fousekis in Athens, June 2021. During four weeks the group met and explored ideas around urbanity and urban life through conversations, movements and writing. The result of this research was reworked into a screenplay and filmed in the suburb Nea Ionia in Athens. In A liaison to a life no longer ordered from above Aris, Christina, Stella, Aspasia, Markella and Christos share experiences of their urban life in Athens. They talk about their strategies of how they engage with the urban on a street level; how Aris goes for walks to enable him to make op new stories about the city; how Aspasia’s fictive contemporary urban goddess persona is a way to empower her to protect herself from male harassment in the streets. Their conversations also include their recent experience of being in a long, controlled lockdown during the covid-19 pandemic. Stella talks about how moving or roaming in the city became a way to be invisible and bypass the police and how the common sense around how to be in the urban area needed to be renegotiated. The group discusses ideas about public and private spaces that the urban holds and the way that the urban infrastructure allows them to have and create friendships. Throughout the film, the group also investigating the urban space and the suburban architecture through chorographical scores which they name tempeling. These scores are a way to challenge the old Greek idea that a temple is an image of a perfect male body. The temples that the groupscreate start from their own bodies, their own physicality and can exist of movements, touch or sound.

Bárbara Sánchez Barroso (ESP) in collaboration with Adriana Vila Guevara “THE KNOTS WE KNOT”
 work in progress / (2021)

16 mm film digitized, 8 min.

This 16 mm film piece is the result of research carried out during a residence in the Vall de Santa Creu. According to the artists “it is a translation of an encounter that thinks carefully. One that reads between the lines, looks into the eyes, listens to the rustle of the environment with attention. An applied sketch of becoming-one-with. A sketch, from the most mundane, of an encounter, physical, reflective, symbiotic and situated. A turning of pages as versions of stories that are contained in their simplicity, in their duration and continuation. A space-time to become what is suggested in each passage. An acceptance of the proposal of subjectivity, updating again and again the way in which one who is presented to us is received, updating each gesture and its pulse, in the weaving of string figures. Recognising the condition of walkers on selected intertwined paths”.

From coexistence – between both artists and the environment – they create a film of direct yet poetic language, where the elements of the environment, well known in depth, reveal their condition of symbiosis; that is to say, they are shown as interrelated and interdependent, taking care of some elements of others. The images dialogue with fragments of the readings that the artists had previously shared in order to reflect on this symbiotic condition of beings.

Isabel Theselius(SW)
Marseille Soap
Video loop, 06:30 minuter

I videon Marseille Soap blåser min mormor såpbubblor genom en trådrulle. I installationen finns ”close ups” i form av trådrullar som materialiserats genom kraftig skalförskjutning. De har även fått en ny funktion, inte som genomgångshål för såpbubblorna utan som sittplatser för besökarna under utställningens gång. I installationen ingår verket Loofah, som är baserad på min mormors bad-loofah i uppförstorad storlek.