Rex Animation – EUNIC Selection (NYTT PAKET)

EUNIC Cluster, som grundaren av REX-festivalen för nio år sedan, har orubbligt stöttat festivalens tillväxt och utveckling. Detta exklusiva program visar upp en enda animerad kortfilm noggrant utvald från vart och ett av de nio stödjande länderna, nämligen Österrike, Frankrike, Portugal, Spanien, Polen, Grekland, Rumänien, Cypern och Vallonien Bryssel. Dessa nio anmärkningsvärda kortfilmer fungerar som ambassadörer för sina respektive nationer och ger publiken en djupgående inblick i de unika sätt som animation kan utforska.

Längd: 75 min
: Victor Rothman
Format: DCP, MP4. Deadline för bokning: 4 dec.
Obs! Det går endast att boka hela paketet. Ni kan däremot välja vilka filmer i paketet ni vill visa när det är levererat.


Regi: Nikolaus Jantsch
3 min 

A music video for composer E’s song “Glitter electron”, an animation work created by Chihiro Sato, Takaaki Numa and E.

This film is a glitter storm of pleasant and strange visual images and electronic sounds on the theme of electricity, which is the driving force of modern civilization.

Based on the music produced by E, Chihiro and Takaaki individually created fragmentary short episodes with various electronic motifs.
And E presented those motifs while consciously misreading the contents of each episodes, connect as visions full of animated bugs as the original music is.

My Mother the Sea

Regi: Aspasia Kazeli
6 min 

My mother’s journey to eternity through my path of grief.


Regi: Julia Benedyktowicz
6 min 

The story of searching: getting lost and found – nonlinear encounters with oneself. The heroine begins a journey within herself: she enters and explores the spaces of her inner world where time flows differently.

Together, body and soul

Regi: Vasile Alboiu & Liviu Gabriel Dinu
11 min 

Madame S. is marrying her beautiful daughter to Mr. Gluand, a rich old doctor. What she doesn’t know is that Madelene has agreed to this deal only because she is in love with the doctor’s protégée, Marcel. The two start a hidden secret romance after the arranged marriage. However, the doctor discovers their secret. Looking for vengeance, he decides to let the two lovers be together, body and soul.

Whatever moves is alive

Regi: Noémie Marsily
12 min 

While slugs wander across the kitchen floor, Noémie draws up her self-portrait, shifting and fragmented, on the edge between the intimate and the hubbub of the world.

The Great Arc

Regi: Camille Authouart
12 min 

With nearly 70 monumental works of art scattered throughout the district, La Défense, Paris, is Europe’s largest open-air museum. Sitting between the legs of the gigantic Red Spider, I wonder how I didn’t notice them before…


Regi: Alex Rey
13 min 

Jose Antonio is about to enjoy a pleasant afternoon of reading, confined to his wheelchair, in his apartment in Manhattan. But a dark and terrible force is about to turn his world upside down. And it is that no one can escape the destructive power of Phonorama…

Rites of Spring

Regi: Yiorgos Tsangaris
5 min 

This experimental –non narrative – animated short film is inspired by Kostis Kolotas’ text “An Unfinished Novel” (Cyprus, 2000). In the novel, set in rural Cyprus of the past, Christian Orthodox tradition and the mysterious world of travelling theatre troupes, considered sinful by organized religion, fascinate the young protagonist equally. The film explores hidden and not-so-hidden paths that connect Christian tradition, pagan ritual and theatre. Like the Cypriot author Kostis Kolotas, the filmmaker is enchanted by life close to nature and the rich history of his homeland. Using abstract forms, inspiration from printmaking and folk art the film expresses the emotional and visual impact of a beautiful but disappearing world.

The music explores notions and expressions in orbit with the film’s theme and title. Spring is the time when blossoming eruptions emerge in nature but also in the hearts of people. The synergy of all the elements produces an escalating rebellious tension of textures and sensations leading to cathars

The Pink Jacket

Regi: Mónica Santos
8 min 

A political musical film about a Pink Jacket that always has something up his sleeve. In the comfort of his home, Casaco Rosa uses couture and torture to stitch up the opponents of the system.