Skånes konstförening

Tid: 21 december 19.00-22.00
Plats: Skånes konstförening, Bragegatan 15
Fritt inträde

Kortfilmsdagen på Skånes konstförening genomförs i samarbete med Exil Filmfestivalen Malmö, Iransk-Svenska Solidaritetsföreningen och Svenska Filminstitutet.  Kvällen har följande titel ”Om exil / Regarding exile”.

Malmö Curatorer: Bahareh Mihradi, Sebastian Dahlqvist

Följande filmer kommer att visas:

The logic of the birds av Sarah Beddington
Konstnären Sarah Beddington gjorde filmen inspirerad av Palestinska fotografier från tidigt 20-tal som avbildar människor som fritt rör sig över landet. Beddington har i sitt arbete med filmen också inspirereats av en Sufisk dikt från tolvhundratalet i vilken en grupp fåglar söker efter en ledare bara för att, efter att ha korsat ett svårnavigerat landskap, inse att de som kollektiv kropp redan har de ledarskapskvalitéer som behövs. Filmen är en poetisk berättelse om längtan efter ett större handlingsutrymme och rörelsefrihet och kan betraktas som ett försök att öppna ett utrymme för potentiella framtida berättelser med avstamp i en mytologisk historia som ännu inte berättats.England

Krisdokument, En överlevnadsguide av Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall Marta Dauliūtė
Recept på fascism: en halv generation utan arbete, läkare som tvingas välja vem de ska hjälpa, avveckling av det sociala skyddsnätet, det gemensamma som säljs ut för rabatterat pris, samt ett kollektivt skuldbeläggande av ett folk. I ”Krisdokument. En överlevnadsguide” ber regissörerna människor de möter i Grekland att göra en lista på deras bilder av eurokrisen. Det blir en varningslista  från sydeuropeiska vänner till oss i norr.

The Mask av Athina Kanellopoulou
”The Mask” project focuses on a mental state, depression. The animation was chosen as a media to make a direct reference to childhood where the core of such mental manifestations lies more often. ”The Mask” dives into an inner state where sadness dominates over a situation extroverted and happy, since the substantially depressed person actually feels the need to wear the mask- the fake face of bliss; this need is signified by the installed mask. Using symbols such as the mask, the stairs, the sharp scissors it explores the Freudian analyzes of the inner journey that is neither regional nor temporal but only psychological on an internal and imaginary space.

Cold War Christmas av Emma Penaz Eisner
In 1970’s America, an Eastern Bloc immigrant family lovingly celebrates a beautiful Christmas Eve…but is all calm and bright? Made using analogue and digital equipment with Super 8 film from 1971, this experimental work is an immersive collage of image, sound, and silence that evokes the defector’s experience of displacement during the Cold War era.

The International av Tatiana Mazú
I film my sister discussing with my mom while they prepare Christmas dinner. I film her in a workers’ camp, in a picket line, singing. I realize watching a VHS that I was filming her since we were little girls. Apparently, according to some verses of The Internationale, the socialism would be something like a paradise full of brothers and sisters.

This is a film about two people who through the eyes of society are often reduced to worthless, homeless addicts who are judged accordingly. ”Who I am and all I have, I carry each day” is my debut documentary starring two unforgettable people who invited me to experience their lives from their perspectives. It tells the story of their struggles and just how fragile life can be. I am proud to call Johan and Curtis my friends.

HOW I BECAME YOU av Ivana Živković
A film about self-censorship, imposed behavioral norms, opinions and attitudes which ultimately lead to the crucifixion of one’s personality. A subtle representation of a struggle between desires, possibilities, expectations and aspirations, as well as of the process of losing one’s inner self.

LIFE AFTER LIFE av Sanja Jokic Dušica Lipovac
Misfortune can strike anyone, including you. A misfortune that fundamentally alters a person’s life. This is a story about how to carry on after you suddenly find yourself in a wheelchair due to a combination of unfortunate events… How do you survive? Where do you find the strength for a ”new beginning”?

A documentary showcasing the artificially manufactured terrorism paranoia in certain areas of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Through a personal story, it attempts to convey the subjective experience of an individual in conflict with a society that bases its opinions on propaganda and stereotypes.

Walls of Sports (or Refugees and volunteers at Serbian-Croatian borders) av Tomes Rafa
After Michalovce the artist and filmmaker Tomáš Rafa moved on with his Sports Wall project. This time, along with artists and volunteers undertook to change the look of the concrete wall, which ringfences elementary school for Roma children in Sečovce. While in Michalovce he stuck to the wall 96-meter billboard, in Sečovce he painted sports theme to 220-meter long wall with the help of artists and volunteers from Peripheral centers – Marek Halász, Jozef Vyšinský, Peter Valiska-Timečko, Igor Babjak and Benoit Lazaro from France. During the 6 days they were joined by the residents of Sečovce – residents of the Roma settlement. A benefit was the support of the Municipality of Sečovce as well as interest of local people. Sports Wall of Sečovce has thus become a positive example of cooperation between the city and the arts in solving community problems.

Gravity av Daniela Sagone
Daniela , both Guatemalan and other not live in Guatemala . Various reasons have led to a certain self-imposed exile , exile or insile . Gravity is a reflection in first person, an intimate journey that allows us to think about the individual and collective identity .Cuba, Guatemala

Nos Territoires ( Our Land ) av Janvier (Jerome zahno)
January 2013. Each morning and evening, for economical reasons, French workers cross a bridge located on the border between France and Switzerland. During the day, nothing much: the river flows quietly. A member of a community from the Swiss countryside tells of the economical difficulties and a possible emigration to France. To-ings and fro-ings between past and present, image and sound.

My fingers grew and stuck to the asphalt av Vida Mehri
The main character tells the story of her death in voice over: The story describes a city that is about to be poisoned by “Them”. “Them” is an unidentified group, which remains mysterious throughout the entire story. In a metaphorical way, it represents the power, the so-called leaders; those who have decided to kill the citizens. – The main ambiguity that is raised is: why are they trying to kill the citizens? As the story unfolds, the main character remembers her murderer. As a child, he had been her neighbor and was deeply in love with her. He later became one of the undercover militia responsible for the poisoning of the city. Coincidently, he ended up being the one chasing after her in the city. – Why does he want to kill her? Why? Can’t they live side by side even if their ideas no longer coincide? The film is a criticism of the non-democratic contexts in which there is no tolerance for different beliefs.

Total speltid: 123 min