Filmpaket från Finnish Film Foundation

Finnish Film Foundation

Fresh Comedies from Finland curated by Otto Suuronen from the team of Finnish short film day. Short film day in Finland is a joint effort by several organizations and festivals working with short films.

44 min 
Daniella Mir


Clumsy Little Acts of Tenderness (Miia Tervo) 9 min

A weekend father wants to show his teenage daughter his love by taking her to a carwash, but instead, they end up on a life-changing adventure in the supermarket, at the endless sanitary towel shelf. They get ”help” from a lady who overshares her stories.


Glass Ceiling (Iris Olsson) 9 min

Sari is desperate for a promotion and works hard, but nothing goes according to plan. On her way to up the corporate ladder, she runs into some serious obstacles.


Halko (Teemu Nikki) 7 min

The director wants frontal nudity, but the actor has too much to show.


Sexy as hell (Kimmo Taavila) 9 min

An accounting company moves to another building. It’s powerful director pilots its employees with style.


Fantasy (Teemu Nikki) 10 min

Tero is a farm boy, who is tired of eating potatoes. He wants to show his parents a new delicacy.